Business and personal vCard business card prices.

Card-Network offers tiered pricing to fit your exact needs. To encourage private networking, we also provide free digital vCard business cards for private use only.

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After your free PRIVATE registration or the purchase of the BUSINESS license(s), you can get started immediately. As soon as you have registered for a TEAM license, you will receive a starter license from us to get started right away. We will send you the other purchased direct access licenses in a separate mail. For Professional licenses, a personal meeting is understandably necessary.

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Digitale Visitenkarten von vcard-NETWORK
Digitale Visitenkarten von vcard-NETWORK

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Dynamic, flexible QR codes through link administration

AT LAST: Thanks to flexible target URL control, dynamic QR codes are ensured.
You retain your control and preserve your flexibility. With QR-CODE-flex and the option for administration, flexible target URL changes are possible. My digital business card

Business and personal vCard business card prices