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Digital vCards for private and business use.

Our range of digital vCard business cards offers an effective solution for personal and business processes. With our state-of-the-art and user-friendly vCards, you can organize and share your contacts and information effortlessly. Experience the benefits of a digital platform that allows you to efficiently manage your personal and professional network and build a trusted connection with your business partners. Discover now our vCard solutions for a professional and paperless exchange of contact data

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Use your personal vCard QR code in signatures, for print media such as business cards, brochures or letters. You can also share your vCard digitally by adding a link to your email signature. Thanks to the paperless and flexible nature of our vCards, you can professionally, quickly and efficiently share your contact information with business partners. You can use the QR code in person or share the vCard digitally via messenger services or email.

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Private; Our digital vCard business cards offer a great way to organize personal and professional networking and departures, sharing information while creating a familiar connection with friends or business partners.

Data security at vcard-NETWORK


At vcard-NETWORK, we place a high priority on protecting our users' privacy and transparency. We only collect and host public information that typically appears on a digital business card. Personal and sensitive information is intentionally not collected in order to maintain the privacy of our users and respect their choices regarding the disclosure of information.

Put an end to the limitations of traditional business cards.
vcard-NETWORK: Leading the Way in Real-time Information.

business digital vCard business cards

Business vCard Business Cards

Our digital business vCards allow you to create a contemporary and professional appearance for your business. At vcard-NETWORK you will find a variety of application possibilities to make a lasting and impressive first impression on your customers


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Private vCard Business Cards
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With our modern and easy-to-use digital vCard business cards, you can easily and efficiently organize your personal and professional network effectively, share important information and build a trusted bond with your friends and business partners

Private digital vCard business card registration

Your vCard can be conveniently accessed via a QR code.
You can either display your QR code on your business card or website. Alternatively, you can also send it as a link via email or WhatsApp, or conveniently share it with your counterpart from mobile to mobile.

our business cards offer maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Our vCards offer maximum flexibility and enable convenient web-based data updating. With their intuitive design and outstanding web usability, you can effortlessly manage your vCard and keep it up-to-date. Benefit from easy updating of your vCard, no matter where you are and at what time.

Keep full control

Full control

QR code, Logo and company name, Contact information, Website, Social media profiles, Direct communication via calls, emails, and messages, Interactive map function, Professional networks, Available social networks, Additional text information, Redirect: redirect QR code to other websites or social media services.



"Don't make me think": a successful website is based on the fact that visitors can intuitively orient themselves in the page navigation right from the start, which is achieved by a clear page structure and web usability.


The highlight: You administer your vCard yourself!
Always keep control of your data and keep it up-to-date.

Get your vcard-NETWORK electronic business card today and discover the boundless possibilities of digital networking.


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Dynamic, flexible QR codes through link administration

AT LAST: Thanks to flexible target URL control, dynamic QR codes are ensured.
You retain your control and preserve your flexibility. With QR-CODE-flex and the option for administration, flexible target URL changes are possible. My digital business card

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Digital vCards for private and business use.