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Thank you for your interest in, a service provided by By using our website and registering with us, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (T&C):

1. Service Description

vcard-network offers customers the opportunity to create and manage a so-called personal or professional vCard, a digital business card, through online registration and sign-up. Our platform allows you to display your contact information, information about your company or yourself, as well as links to social media or other relevant online presences in a user-friendly digital business card.

After successful registration, you will have access to your personal vCard through a direct link or a QR code provided in the administration. You can use this link or QR code for printing on business cards, flyers, or other promotional materials, or use it in web services such as emails, social media profiles, or your website to share your contact information.

Visibility of Your vCard

In the context of a business card, your vCard is published and viewable on the Internet publicly and without password protection. Therefore, please exercise your own responsibility when publishing only the information about yourself that you would also make readable on your physical business card.

2/a Free vCard Service

The use of vcard for purely personal purposes is permanently FREE of charge for its users. There will be no invoicing for this service. Your vCard will have limited information displayed. The deal: No company names, logos, or company information should be mentioned or displayed in your address header. If you still choose to include company names or logos, an invoice for a Business S contract will be automatically issued (See price list). The following information is deactivated on the personal vCard: Company logo, company name, tagline, fax, link to your own website, and notes.

2/b Paid vCard Service

The use of vcard for business purposes is subject to a fee, and the customer accepts and confirms this by selecting the option "Bindingly book and incur charges" during registration. The services and prices can be viewed in the price list.

3. Invoicing and Payment Terms

For a vcard business entry. After a 14-day withdrawal period, we will issue an invoice for the amount specified in the publicly available price list, plus 19% VAT. Prices are in Euro.

4. Contract Extension and Termination

The annual invoice will automatically renew unless the order is deleted or terminated in writing by you before the contract expires.

5. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Düsseldorf, Germany.

6. Process

After registering with, you will have access to your personal administration interface. There, you can design your vCard by entering your contact information, uploading your profile picture, and adding additional information.

Once your vCard is created, you will receive a direct link to your vCard as well as a QR code that you can use for various purposes. You have the option to use your link or QR code in printed form on business cards, flyers, or other promotional materials, or share it in digital form through emails, your website, or social media.

You can edit or delete your vCard at any time in the administration interface. When the contract is renewed, your annual invoice will be automatically generated and made available to you.

6a. Search Engine Discoverability

By default, our vCard business cards are set to be inaccessible for search engine crawling. We take the protection of your data and privacy seriously and implement technical measures to prevent unwanted crawling and extraction.

However, it is important to note that as a user, you have full control over the distribution and publication of your vCard business cards. If you distribute and publish your vCard links independently and responsibly according to your wishes and requirements, search engines may still discover your vCard despite the default setting.

We make every effort to protect your data and prevent unauthorized crawling. We use "noindex" and "nofollow" commands to instruct search engines not to index your vCard and not to follow the links. This is in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Please note, however, that search engines may deviate from the instructions we set and may still index your vCard or extract linked content in some cases. We cannot guarantee complete control over the behavior of search engines, although we take reasonable steps to protect your data.

If you have any further questions regarding the privacy and security of your vCard business cards, we are here to assist you.

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Dynamic, flexible QR codes through link administration

AT LAST: Thanks to flexible target URL control, dynamic QR codes are ensured.
You retain your control and preserve your flexibility. With QR-CODE-flex and the option for administration, flexible target URL changes are possible. My digital business card

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